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  • KIHU - Research Institute for Olympic Sports
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Javelin Training CD


This CD is follow-on to the book of javelin published on the 1987. The CD offers a real storehouse of information of javelin training on the 21th century and it was scripted by Esa Utriainen. This CD concentrates on javelin technique together with training of other qualities. The history of javelin is covered through successful moments and statistics. Training section offers a wide and illustrative videobank with training instructions. The example athletes used in this CD are members of the (2004 - 2005) training groups of the Finnish Athletics. The director of throwing events Mauri Auvinen, javelin coach Kari Ihalainen, coach Petteri Piironen and KIHU's researcher Riku Valleala helped in shooting, scripting and compiling this CD. The CD has been produced in Finnish.