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Team Sports


Mikko Häyrinen
  • Mikko Häyrinen
  • Expert in Team Sports
  • tel: +35840 0185513

KIHU has carried out different research and development projects on team sports since the unit was established, even if team sports are a new focal area in the strategy adopted in 2003. Projects have been implemented in all the disciplines of KIHU: sport biomechanics, sport physiology, sport psychology, sport sociology, and sport pedagogy.

The objective of KIHU's development activities in team sports is to

KIHU's special area of expertise in team sports covers analysing game events and, based on the analysis, editing a feedback video and a game preparation video for use by coaches.


KIHU has developed game performance analysis and feedback systems (Sage Game Manager software applications) especially for football, but these applications can also be adapted to other sports. In addition, we have acquired several software applications for making game analyses and video compilations. The Data Volley software is particularly suitable for volleyball game performance analysis, the Data Video System for video editing based on game analysis, and the Dartfish software both for game analysis and video editing. Game understanding tests have been developed for football and volleyball in order to assess players' decision-making ability and its development.

The methods of different disciplines can be applied to develop team sports. For example, biomechanical and physiological methods are used to test and observe physical performance, training load and performance technique; and psychological methods to optimize team cooperation and test perceptual-motor skills.


In the recent years, KIHU has made game performance analyses and edited feedback and preparation videos for the national teams of volleyball, football and wheelchair rugby, as well as for disabled table tennis players. We are updating the game analysis for women's and youth ice hockey. In football, basketball and volleyball we have utilized the latest technology to monitor training load and recovery. Our major partners in team sports include the Finnish Volleyball Association, the Football Association of Finland, the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, the Finnish Paralympic Committee, and the Finnish Association of Sports for the Disabled. Furthermore, we have cooperated with the Finnish Basketball Association, the Finnish Bandy Federation, and the Finnish National Baseball Association. In our research and development projects, we have developed analysis and test systems, as well as written and video-based educational materials for use by the respective sports. In addition, KIHU has participated in the training of local teams (football and volleyball) in the Jyväskylä region.